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Happy hump day world! Yesterday it was a lot cooler out than recently and I was able to sneak out for a run when the sun was still up. It was so nice not to be dying of the heat and just enjoying running around. My feet are nicely blistered from the half marathon so I threw on an old pair of trainers and headed out for a 4 mile slow jog. Well it was so nice I just kinda kept going… I normally am staring at my watch to make sure I’m not slacking off and yesterday I didn’t really care about my time so I wasn’t compulsively checking it. I ended up running 6 miles with splits of 8:55, 9:26, 9:35, 9:09, 9:11 and 8:30. On an average run of that length I would normally be closer to 8:30 / 8:40s for the entire thing and would actually probably consider it a crappy run if I was running at a 9:30 pace. But yesterday by goal was just to get out and run and thats what I did, and hey, I burned off 733 calories too! Winninggg. It was easily the most enjoyable run I have ever been on. It didn’t feel like 6 miles by any means and the weather was just puurrrfect! I enjoyed the scenery and just kinda cruised along. I was not wearing the right shorts for that kind of distance though and my legs eventually started to irritate one another which is why the last mile was a bit quicker than the rest, I wanted to get home to change : )

Post run I cleaned up my apartment which is always nice and headed out to a driving range type place for 1/2 off bottles of wine night : )

I was dumb and didn’t eat dinner before leaving and then proceeded to let the wine be my dinner, didn’t take much! I was TERRIBLE to start off with but once I had a glass or 3 of vino in my system my swing improved immensely. I think it helped me not be so nervous of making a fool of myself and just relax! I also had one of the boys attempt to show me how to swing so that was definitely a help too. I like to pretend it was the wine though.

Check out that back swing! And the whole gang:

Happy little golfers. (Fun fact: The four of us in the middle are 4 of the 7 Tough Mudder team members for the fall!) We played 40 balls each and it was broken up in two games. For the second game we wanted to to be competitive so we split up in teams of 3 based on the last games scores and we went team vs team and also every man for his own. My team ended up winning and I managed to pull out the highest score of the individuals. I would like to pretend it was all skill but I highly doubt that was the case!

Both of these two are a million times better than I am. Considering my skill set in the world of golf pretty much stops at driving a cart and dispensing beers to friends. Plus my back is a bit sore so hey it doubled as a mini work out too!

On the agenda today is a core work out and possibly a light run. Tomorrows track work out is looking like a good one so I need to be ready. I posted it already under work out as Track Interval 4. It looks a lot scarier than it is, I promise. The first set where you are doing:

50 jumping jacks
50 crunches
45 jumping jacks
45 squats
40 jumping jacks
40 push ups
35 jumping jacks
35 crunches
30 jumping jacks
30 squats
25 jumping jacks
25 push ups
20 jumping jacks
20 crunches
15 jumping jacks
15 squats
10 jumping jacks
10 push ups
5 jumping jacks
5 crunches
5 squats
5 push ups

looks terrifying but I have done this before and its not super awful. The counting and the jumping jacks makes you forget that your body is slightly weeping. Plus if you can put together a group like we have its so much more fun whining and wincing with your friends! I will report back tomorrow how every one does and if there are any modifications that need to be made!

Do you find that although you are athletic you play like a donkey when it comes to golf? It drives be bonkers!!

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  1. I copied this to take with me on vacation next week. Looks like a good one. Thanks!

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