Half Marathon Recap

Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon 06.02.12

Time: 1:55:27

Garmin Distance: 13.17 miles

Splits: ‎8:47, 8:40, 8:38, 8:43, 8:45, 8:42, 9:00, 8:45, 8:14, 8:48, 8:47, 8:53, 9:13

Oh baby, half marathon done! It’s crazy that I just started running this year and my first race was in March and now a half marathon is under my belt. Insane. Seriously if some one last year was like hey Megan I see running until you blister in your near future and you will like it, I would have told them to take a hike. I did sorta just hop right into the running world though, my first race was a 10 miler when I had never ran more than 8 and had only been running for 3 months, no 5k’s or 10k’s for this lady ha!

Lets start from the beginning for this race and back it up to the beginning of the week. This was a crazy week because my apartment was supposed to be painted on Saturday and the painters never showed, so my apt up until Friday was a mess and all the furniture was piled together like an island in all the rooms. The shower curtain was down and my closet was packed with non clothing items. Super fun. My week of sleeping was a little bit of a mess because the painters finally did show on Thursday but it took them two days instead of one so then I was homeless and had to rely on other peoples kindness to get in a shower and some sleep. The week was filled with some awesome runs and work outs and a few boozy nights as well. I’ve given up on the whole no booze thing the week of a race because I haven’t found it makes a difference and life with booze is just more fun!

So Friday night we had some nasty weather and tornado warnings and all that jazz. We had planned on leaving DC around 7pm to get up to Annapolis to a hotel for the night but I didn’t end up out of the house until a little after 8pm. We got in to the hotel by 10pm.

Charming isn’t it? We all basically collapsed and called it a night instantly, the race started at 7am so we needed our sleep. I got up at 5am and showered and the girls got up around 5:30 and we headed out around 6 for some food. We hit up a bagel joint and had some fabulous breakfast sandwiches. This was the closest I have ever eaten to running so I was a bit nervous but thankfully I did not toss my cookies while running. Go me.

That second picture was actually taken from another blog but that is us in it! Funny how that works! The weather could not have been better for the run, it was 60-65 degrees and the storms from the night before had wiped out the disgusting humidity that we have been dealing with lately. While I of course sweat during the run I was never fatigued because of the heat which was huge! Liz (white shirt) ran the half with me and Robin did the 10k. Liz and I hung together for the first mile and a half but then I was off on my own. Mile 1-3 I had raging shine splints in my right leg, it was the worst one I have ever had and it felt like my shin was on fire, I wasn’t about to stop though because I was really determined to get in under 1:55 so I ran through it, mile 3 it finally went away and I could not have been more happy. Miles 3-5 were pretty uneventful, the views were awesome, we ran through a small town on a cobblestone road and then over a massive bridge, the view was fantastic from the bridge! Mile 5.5 – 6 I ate my first gu, then my phone shat out and stopped playing music for the next mile. I was using Pandora so I was dependent on good cell service for my tunes and this strip apparently did not have it. I started freaking out a little bit that the heat from my body was causing my phone to malfunction but I was praying that wasn’t the case because iPhone’s are expensive and that was the last thing I needed at this point. Okay back to the race, music finally started playing again at 6.6 miles and I was very happy. (BTW the Pandora station I was listening to was Black Betty – Ram Jam, you really need to give this one a listen, great tunes!!) Miles 7-9 were in a park on a little path shaded with trees and it was a nice little break from the sun. I got to see Liz and my other friend Meagan who was running because this was an out and back excursion. Hunting for them in the crowd to wave and yell “Go baby go” helped pass the time a bit : ) Now we are back to the strip that my phone wouldn’t work on so I was tuneless again! Ugh. Mile 9 I had a nice slope at my advantage and a crazy burst of energy so I busted out a 8:14 minute mile and felt like I was flying. I hit the mile 10 mark around 1:26 and change and that made me really excited because my last 10 miler I clocked in at 1:28… some one is getting quicker!! I also popped another gu because my body felt like it was starting to shut down. Next up was the bridge again, while it was fricken beautiful it was a hill, not cool track plotters not cool. There was a camera guy on the bridge and 2 men in front of me, I decided I wanted to get a sick picture and I picked it up to a sub 8 min pace and ran in between then so I got pictures hopefully of me breaking through the two of them, way cool. And for the recored no elbows were thrown, there was plenty of space for me to squeeze through. Now to the end of this baby, the last 2 miles sucked, I was spent, had little to nothing left in me and my limbs were numb. My right foot was in some pain at this point too. Got a few new blisters for my recently healed one, now I have a solid block of about 3 inches on my instep that is all blisters, awesome! Also this tips of my toes were in some pain, I actually was bleeding from one of them, bad tootsies. So while I sucked it up and finished I would have rather stopped but that was not an option. Liz finished just shy of 2 hours so we caught up with each other at the post race picture booth. A few minutes later we found Robin and got a group picture!

Every one who is a runner was saying that once I got a half marathon under my belt I’d be jonesing to do a full one, well I am happy to say you are all wrong. As of this moment I do not have any desire to run a full marathon. I would definitely do another half eventually but not any time soon. I want to focus on more calisthenic work outs and keep my runs under 10 miles for now. Let’s not kid ourselves I don’t run more than 8 by myself and none of my friends here care to run more than 5 for the most part so realistically my longer runs will be around 6-8 miles. While I definitely love running I like strength work and jumping around a lot too and I would take a 10+ mile hike over a run any given weekend.

My post run celebration meal was at La Tasca, spanish tapas restaurant, and my friend and I did the unlimited lunch menu, gorge! We ended up getting 11 different tapas and went to town on them. My dining partner most certainly consumed the majority of the meal but I was very happy to have some one else clean the plates and still get my tastes it. It was fantastic! The day continued to be a healthy mix of sunshine and booze and yours truly was in bed by 9:30pm, AKA it was a great success. I am off to go enjoy some more sunshine, booze, friends, my pool and corn hole so this will be the end for today! Hope every one else had an awesome weekend and keep it going!!!

After you finish racing do you normally consider seeing if you can do a longer one? For example finishing a half and wanting to do a full? Or are you like me and think “That was great but I’d prefer a beer”.

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  1. You’re a beast!! AMAZING time!! I am so glad you had a great time with your first half!


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