Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon in the AM

Getting nervous! I have not been running in a while so this will be a test of shear stubbornness and balls. I went to pick up packets for the 6 people I’m running with and had some time to kill at the running store. Bad idea… I bought a new outfit for tomorrow : )

 Yes I know what you are thinking A) wow Megan is really out doing herself with these mirror shots (yes, I know, quiet you) B) aren’t you not supposed to run races in new kicks or clothes??
You would be correct on both accounts but A) I had to show my running bud my new duds and B) I am not going to have my legs chaffing cause me to eat it for this race, I am super optimistic that these shorts will make me awesome.
I am heading over to Annapolis with two girls tonight to crash at a hotel so we don’t have to get up too early tomorrow. Our game plan is to eat early, get to the race around 6:15am and start is at 7am. Great to beat the heat but not so much when you have to account for eating and the inevitable porta potty line. Even though I haven’t been running I still REALLY want to clock in at 1:55 which would put me at 8:45 min pace. I really think I can do this. I am set with beans and gu AND my new shorts have a fun little zipper in the butt to store all these goods.
I need all you to send silent prayers around 8am when I’m sure I’ll be cursing my existence and wondering why in the world I choose to run. Around 9am though I should be feeling pretty fricken awesome. There is a possibility I’ll feel like vomiting but I know it will pass and the end result will be all the warm and fuzzies that only being awesome can give you : )
Here’s to running.

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5 replies

  1. You’ll do great! My worst race ever I tossed my cookies in a port a pot around mile 10 after a few thousand of my closest running buddies had gone before me.

    Still don’t regret running it.

    Good vibes heading your way!!!!

  2. Good luck!! I can’t wait to hear how you did, have fun and run happy!

  3. woohoo!! you can totally make that time! You got this, you’re gonna rock it!! So excited for you 😀

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