Oh hey girl, I’m certified versatile

Bow chica wow wowwwww. Many thanks to Sarah over at Celtichippie’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. I am more than humbled. It’s crazy how exciting it is to be nominated for one of these babies. It definitely puts a smile on the face and you get that “They like me they really like me” feeling (as you can see the joy does not wear away – it’s even cooler the second time around). I couldn’t be happier with the lives of people I have managed to wiggle my way into reading about and chatting about. You guys are are awesome.

Part 1: 7 Random facts

1- My favorite color has always been red but lately I wear so much purple I’m wondering if there has been a switch. I’m not super girly though so saying purple is my favorite color is a little much to swallow.

2- I can’t wear heels with out whining. I have also decided that if I am going to have blisters on my feet they will be from running not running around in stilettos.

3- That being said, I bought 2 pairs of wedges for this summer and they are growing on me. What is happening to me…

4- I can drive stick, prefer it actually.

5- Since living in DC my love of driving is on the decline. It is only because of traffic but the joy of rolling around with the windows down, ray bans on and belting whatever is on the radio is not as much fun when you are in stop and go traffic.

6- I like all my team names to be Mr. McGibblets. For the Color Run I am doing in October I named the team galloping unicorns instead though.

7- I am toying with the idea of buying a bike so that I can start cross training  more and giving my feet a break from running. Maybe a triathlon will be in my near future?

And the ladies and gents that I am choosing are… drum roll please….

1- Blessed with a star on the forehead

2- Linnyann

3- Carry It With You

4- Allison Dickson

5- Jodi Ambrose

6- Texanas Kitchen

7- Fitness PhoenixX

8- Siany1

9- Carolynn

10- Robotic Rhetoric

11- Skinny Fat to Fit

12- Homemade Delish

13- Glass Half Full

14- Hungry Cupcakes

15- She Shredss

Happy Friday!!

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7 replies

  1. thank you! x I’m not super girly either, but same as you – i’m wearing a LOT of purple. wedges are so much easier to walk in. I quite like the heeled brogue too – not very high, but feminine.

  2. Congratulations on your award and for nominating me! Keep up the great work!! Very inspirational!

  3. Thanks for giving me this award! It means a lot to me!


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