7 Things

A couple weeks ago the lovely Raquel tagged me in a post called 7 things. The general idea is to share 7 things that you like / enjoy / are overly jazzed about at the moment. Then to keep the whole thing alive tag 7 more friends and get them to do the same. Very clever right. Well here goes:

1. Harris Teeter Coupons

Let me explain before you judge  me too quickly. My grocery store was flooded due to the county water lines doing some funny things, not the grocery store’s fault. I live in between two Harris Teeters – one is walkable one is not. I obviously prefer the one that is not walkable, the lay out is much better. Well this one is now closed and doing some extensive cleaning since the water issue. Being a kind company, Teeter mailed me coupons! I get $10 off my groceries for the next month! Each coupon is only good for one week so no doubling up. My grocery bill lately has been around $35 – $40 (haven’t been buying meat) so that minus $10 makes for a dirt cheap grocery bill:

Boom. For some reason they gave me an extra $5 off on this one too, couldn’t tell you why but I’m not complaining.

2. Pretending to be Richard Simmons

Training for this Tough Mudder with a group of people is great. For some reason they all trust my ability to produce a challenging work out for them at least once a week. I get to have a timer and yell, its really amazing.

Is that not the cutest dang timer you have ever seen? I am upset with myself for having a mirror shot because I am not 12, nor do I have a MySpace account. The only time this happens is when I wear obnoxiously bright clothing or if I think the picture can be used for comedy. In this case comedy. I do wish I have my neon green shorts on but you are all lucky enough to have seen that snap shot once before, you are welcome.

3. My Friends & Family

I know this may sound lame but hear me out. I may or may not have walked away from a two year long relationship in the last few weeks. Scary yes I know BUT my friends are seriously the most amazing people in the entire world. While clearly what my time is spent doing is much different now than it has been for the last few years the void of things to do has not hit. I’m hoping it doesn’t because I don’t really like being sad. I have felt like life has been non stop though the last few weeks and there is no way I could say that if it weren’t for my friends. They are all amazing and down to do whatever at any time and it’s amazing. Be it hit the pool, run, work out, take a walk, head down town, shopping, stay in with movies, stay in with chinese, stay in with wine, go out with wine, go out with liquor, check out some live music, really whatever I always have people around who I know love me and are just being flat out awesome. You know who you all are and if you are reading this I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you.

Cheers to that.

4. Sunshine

I don’t bode well in the winter months because I am a raging sunshine addict. I’ve basically been living on my buildings roof to take naps and work out. Now that the pool is open I feel compelled to go every day. Sunshine as a whole lifts my spirits, makes me golden and fabulous, inspires me to get outside and allows me to rock my ray bans on a daily basis.

Friends, sunshine and ray bans, does life get any sweeter?

5. Racing

I like how racing gives me a goal to reach. It works as a small fire under my not so small tuckus. Coming up is a half marathon saturday, another TM in the fall and a 5k color run. I am currently looking to find 2 more to fill in July and August. If you are in the DC area and have any suggestions I am all ears! I prefer something over a 5k. I don’t like spending money for a sub 30 minute race, maybe I’m cheap but meh, whatever whatever I do what I want.

6. My Garmin

Right now this is actually a love / hate thing. I love having it but its been a total B lately when it comes to hooking up to satellites. I do live in an area with a lot of tall buildings but still. Also the pace on it has been goofy lately. I have mapped out different routes / ran them multiple times before and the Garmin isn’t logging the miles correctly. But I still like her any ways. Although I would prefer if she would start working properly again. Any suggestions on how to remedy this small problem?

7. Blogging!

January 26th was my first bog entry and the creation of this little gem. I remember getting excited when I had my first follower. I still get excited every time I get a new follower, a nice little reassurance of “oh hey they like me!! they really like me!”. My lil baby of a blog has reached almost 5,000 views in her life time! While some of you may be snickering because your blog is cooler than mine that is fine, my numbers are absolutely PERFECT for me : ) And to every single one of you who read my rambles, try out any of my recipes or test out any of the work outs I put up thank you! I know have been slacking in the blogging world lately but life gets in the way of me and my computer sometimes and I heart you all even more for still checking out my posts when I do put them up.

Last but not least is to tag 7 other bloggers whose deep dark loves will need to be exposed. And the lucky darlings are:

1. Luv what you do – I can’t for the life of me find her name on her page, but I love her blog. Lots of fun recipes and she is just a very happy person in general so I think this will be a cinch for her!

2. Curtis – He has some great motivational posts and if you check out his about me page you will fall for his family too because they all look so fricken happy.

3. Corrine – This lady is currently off travelling the world and I think narrowing thinks she is in love with right now to 7 will be a struggle!

4. Eric – Has a great blog about living healthy all around and some pretty sick guest blogger posts too!

5. Brittany – I just really like Brittany so I wouldn’t mind reading her musings to this challenge. Tres witty and its wonderful.

6. Cristina – I love this blog because its simple italian food and just fun facts of how to stay thin with out trying too hard, quite fun!

7. Jessie – A very tasty blog.

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  1. Youuuu are awesommmeee. Thanks for the tag! I got this torch passed to me this time last year!! Check out my 7 things here:


  2. Wow! Thanks for link love! I really enjoyed this blog too… it’s fun getting to know what real life is like for my blogging buddies!


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