A whole bunch of food!

I have been crazy busy lately but have made sure to snap some food pictures at least! Here is a nice compilation of the noms I have made. As the heat continues to rise the amount of time I spend in the kitchen declines. I prefer uncooked food more in the summer, aka a bunch of salads and lighter meals.


While I was visiting my brother recently for his college graduation we went out for an amazing family dinner. I got the tuna steak, seared rare! The first piece of fish they brought me was over cooked so I sent it back and by the time I got it I was full already from eating all the vegetables. I was brought a full plate of food though with the tuna, cooked spinach and more veggies! I packed this baby in ice and she made the ride with me back home. I used mixed greens as the base of the salad. Sliced the tuna thin, spread around the cold cooked vegetables and spinach. I also added in half of an avocado. I topped it off with a sesame dressing. It was absolutely wonderful!


Here we have another salad variation – I wasn’t kidding when I said I live of salad over summer! This is a vegan meal too. The salad is made up of mixed greens, orange cauliflower, sliced baby bella mushrooms, baby carrots, tomato and great northern beans. I used a fat free balsamic dressing. Those angels on the left side of the plate are home made make shift pita chips. I used a flat out wheat wrap and brushed it with rosemary infused olive oil and sea salt and baked them at around 425F for the amount of time it took me to make the salad. Very precise I know… They came out great though!


Yet another vegan salad… This was a HUGE lunch but fricken fantastic. The base of this salad was half spinach and half mixed greens. Next on is a 1/2 serving of couscous, I cooked 1/3 cup dry and used up half of it for myself and the other for my friends identical salad! Next I piled on carrots, more orange cauliflower (it is so pretty!!), avocado and some tomatoes. I topped it with a Morning Star turkey veg burger. The salad dressing I made was with apple cider vinegar, EVOO and spicy brown mustard. Yum!


Next up, more salad, SHOCK!, and a fun little pita pocket! I used a whole wheat flat out wrap, 2 slices of kraft fat free american cheese, 3 slices of lightlife smart deli bologna style (fake meat), some sliced baby bella mushrooms and spicy brown mustard. I folded the wrap up and placed it in a hot pan, folded edges down first. Once it started to smoke a bit I flipped it for a minute. I then popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds to make sure the insides were actually warm. On the side was a salad of mixed greens, grapes, blue berries a berry dressing. So yummy and refreshing!



Just an update – as you can see there were some non vegan items on this list. I did vegan for the majority of my meals in May. Most weeks were totally vegan. I enjoyed it a lot. I got the chance to be a little more creative. I haven’t been buying meat at all but when I go out I do not limit myself. I am seeing myself making a shift towards more vegetarian options but I still love a good burger and steak : )

Do you have any favorite go to summer salads? What is your can’t live with out summer fridge item??

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