And I’m Back!

Deepest apologies for being so MIA lately! Life has been getting in the way of my blogging ability : ) Due to some pretty serious life decisions I have made recently I am feeling very independent and pretty awesome. Silly I know but it feels good. Due to this I’ve been keeping super busy and filling my days with basically whatever I want! The last week has been filled with quality time with the lady friends, my little brothers graduation, corn holing, soccer, cooking and planning for the first round 2 mudder work out sessions.

Yesterdays work out was done on a standard 400 meter track:

1 mile warm up

Interval of 10/50 (10 rest, 50 work)
Mountain Climbers
Push ups with toe touch
Plank Jacks

1 lap easy jog
1 lap 70% run
1 lap jog curves run straights (100 meters or 50 meters)
1 lap jog curves run straights (100 meters or 50 meters)
1 lap 70% run
1 lap easy jog

Interval of 10/50 (10 rest, 50 work)
Wood chop with weight, right
Wood chop with weight, left

1 mile cool down

For the first interval we ended up switching the push ups to leg drops (middle and side) because all three of the exercises were in the same general position and a little rough on our backs. The leg drops gave our backs a break and still targeted our entire core. It was crazy muggy out and we were all dripping with sweat so for the wood chops we ended up switching to weighted side bends because hanging on the the totally metal weights with out wet hands wasn’t feeling super safe. All in all great work out. We all have some improvements to make but I am thinking I will use this work out as a bench mark and do it again in a few weeks to see how far people are coming. Should be good stuff!

I have a few meals in my arsenal right now but I’m going to save those for a weekend round up or sorts. Hope every one has been having a good week and enjoying the fabulous weather!!

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