Would you like some cheese with that whine?

If only I enjoyed vegan cheese!!!

Post mudder my body has been healing alright. I still have plenty of cuts and bruises and look like an abuse victim when I wear shorts / skirts but over all my body has been feeling pretty good. My feet on the other hand are still a mess. No shoes for this girl. On top of having some bum tootsies I am sick! Strep throat type of sick. Its not bad enough that I have my first half marathon in 15 days and can’t run because of my feet but I can also hardly function. I actually hit the gym on Wednesday because I was going stir crazy and I worked up a good sweat and have been quite sore but the doctor yelled at me and told me to quit it. So I’ve decided to listen until Wednesday I think.

I have signed up for the Sept 8th tough mudder with a group of 6 people and we are starting our training next Wednesday. I had set up some track interval work outs last time around for Liz and I (cute blonde in the TM pictures!) and we loved them. They were hard but great. This time around there will be 4 people training together! Two boys and two girls, so that will be awesome. Liz and I will smoke the boys in distance and they will demolish in the sprints. Which equals every one getting better at what they aren’t great at! We are scheduling next Wednesday as our first work out together so fingers crossed that I can throw on my trainers by then! The only thing I can do at this point is rest, drink fluids, prepare for a weekend with my little brother for his college graduation (drinking events should be put on hold while I am sick, but noooo) and start to devise the torture I will put every one through on Wednesday.

I asked earlier if people had any great words of wisdom involving blisters and I got no response… come on now… I have some pretty bad ass readers so for reals for reals, tell me your secrets.

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  1. Well, I can’t have you injured with nothing to keep you occupied, can I? You’ve been tagged! 🙂

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