PA Tough Mudder Recap

I am officially mudder tough, woop woop. Here is the break down and my lovely commentary as well! To start we had to park a 20 minute bus ride away from the race, once we got to the race we were told we had one minute to get to the start line or we would miss the start, awesome. So we did!


This was team McGibblets, the man of the group has ran this a few times so I can’t say we were all optimistic prior to the race but at least the girls were!

I am going to start by saying that my recollection of the events may not be in the right order, I am looking online at the Tough Mudder site and the order they are showing the obstacles is wrong and not all the obstacles are relevant to the course I ran either. Right out of the gate we ran through some muddy puddles and then got to the kiss of mud. That involved army crawling through mud (or in my case rocks and dirt) under barbed wire. Needless to say I was bleeding after. Then we were off doing some trail running. I think next was the arctic enema, aka an ice bath. Honestly it felt pretty darn good! We had AMAZING weather, so just when we were getting super sweaty we got to jump in water or do a water related activity, so that was a treat.

Next is a block of time that was not documented in photos just yet. There were TM photographers but those pictures are not posted online yet. I believe the order went as followed, Berlin wall – 15 feet walls that we had to get over, the guy on our team was our only saving grace when it came to getting over these puppies, the upper body training I did was huge for this, I was able to hoist myself up once I got a hand on the top so that was super exciting. I believe next was some tunnel crawling, that sucked, I don’t like being under ground in a small space, especially one that smells like feces. We were then off to the death march, AKA a really long rocky hill. At the top there was a cute sign next to the 3 mile marker saying “This is where a warrior dash would end, but you are doing a tough mudder” that was nice of them. We then proceeded to run a big more, then hit a log jammer, basically just had to go over and under piles of wood. I think I may have kicked some one going over because I recall some one saying “bitch!” really close to me, but I really do not think I hit any one, I finished before him and just kept running. Next was walk the plank. This was a 15 foot high platform that you jumped off of to submerge yourself in a chilly pond.

Do you see Pat’s form, flawless!! (this is the male on the team) he told us to cover what was important…

Post all of our jumps, please note the mud in my teeth. We are all really good looking I know. I discarded my shirt shortly after this because it was disgusting. I am terrified of heights as well so this was pretty BA if I do say so myself. The last time I attempted something like this was cliff jumping in college. The outcome of that was my leg twitching and shaking uncontrollably and walking down to water level in defeat and not jumping. Some other obstacles that were after this was a lot of running, crawling under some nets while avoiding all the safety pins that had fallen off of people, wading through trenches of mud, walking around with a massive log on your shoulders (my shoulders feel incredibly bruised right now, my log was not kind to me), some more trail running and climbing up a cargo net and then back down. The next documented obstacles were rolling under some more barbed wire:

and running up a half pipe:


Again pat was the saving grace for this one. Our strategy was A) Pat run up like a beast and get to the top by himself B) each girl run up and Pat drag us to the top. My after thought on this event is that I would have tried to do this with out grabbing on to some one. Just because once I was holding his hand I couldn’t hoist myself up at all, so basically it was up to him to pull me up and then I swung my leg up which finally allowed me to get to the top.

We were all very excited making it to the top so we posed for another photo opp! After this was a bit of brief running and then the electric eel, this was a weird feeling one for sure, wiggling through water while attempting to avoid being zapped by live wires. Well it was impossible not to get zapped.


– this could easily be my most favorite picture from the day so far, as you can see I am showing pat that the shocks had made my teeth feel funny! Next up was a bit more running and some more walls to scale, a GIANT cargo net to climb up / over, some monkey bars that were inverted and ring monkey bars as well. After that was twinkle toes. We had to walk on wobbly boards and try not to fall or you would get wet and cold, again this would have been worse if it wasn’t gorgeous out. I actually made it across with out falling too!! Thank you gymnastic classes…


Now all that I can remember after this was more running up and down hills and then through bails of hay that were on fire. The smoke was not pleasant but it could have been much worse. The last and final obstacle was the electro shock therapy, aka running through mud with live wires.

The best part about this finish line was that after we made it through the live wires there was oh 20 feet of mud and I slipped and fell. The only fall I took the entire day and it was literally 2 feet in front of the finish line. Go me. The electro shock therapy was not as bad as the electric eel obstacle in my opinion, I’m sure some one who gets hit by a stronger wire would tell you other wise. The three of us were pretty lucky and didn’t get zapped too bad.

Finally we had beer and could say we were mudder tough!

Now what you are all thinking I’m sure is so what do the bruises look like… Liz is far more fair skinned then I am and her legs were already bruising on the car ride home, she also had pants on so she didn’t get cut up. I on the other hand have cuts and bruises everywhereee. I also made a bad choice on shoes, if you have a weak stomach I would suggest you stop reading now because I am going to show my injuries now.


Like I said, poor shoe choice.

I think that we did an awesome job training for this. Pat could have smoked us but he was kind and stayed with us, Liz did awesome! I definitely slowed us down because my feet were on fire and the shorts I was wearing led to some severe chaffing. I was so frustrated because my muscles and my endurance were totally awesome, my feet and thighs though were freaking terrible. We are planning on doing this in MD in the fall with a big group of people and I will be wearing different shoes and bike shorts. If you are considering doing a TM I would say make sure your shoes don’t eat your feet, anything that could chaff be covered, pick a small log for the log carry and do some trail running!! I run a lot of flat but the trail was way fun. We walked chunks of hills because we didn’t want to kill our legs half way through the course, we (Liz and I) could have been better conditioned for hills for sure. Our goal was to finish and do every obstacle, which we did so we are super happy. Over all I could not have been happier, the people I ran with are awesome and we managed to keep up witty banter all 12.5 miles. I’m looking forward to proper attire and my next go at the tough mudder. Go team McGibblets!!

Next up:

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16 replies

  1. I can’t wait Im doing tough mudder in Kentucky in October….I’ve been signing up to do other events like mud ninja and warrior dash to get the feel of what it will be like…(even though Im sure it wont compare) I can’t wait to call myself a tough mudder…do you plan to do anymore?

    • Yep! I am doing the one in Frederick MD on Sept 8th or 9th!! I don’t know if I would bother with a Warrior Dash now that I did the TM. I would totally do a Spartan race though, those look pretty bad ass! Good luck with yours!!!

  2. My brother did this one too 🙂

  3. Congrats on your impressive race. That looks like a BLAST and your bruises will be healed sooner than later : )
    Your post got me so pysched for my August mudder race. I hope I can get as good of pictures!


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