A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

I must admit I have been pretty bad about posting lately, I do apologize. So for todays post I thought I would share all of the picture I have taken through out the week and thought “oh that could be a good blog post!”. I will also give a small blurb to go along with the pictures but nothing wordy because well… A picture speaks a thousand words!

Vegan breaky – wheat toast, avocado & sea salt / organic peanut butter and banana.

Salad – mixed greens from the farmer market, baby bella shrooms, green bell pepper, fresh sweet corn, avocado & sesame dressing.

Vegan-za!! Flat Out light italian flat bread, rosemary infused olive oil, tomato sauce, sauteed baby bella shroom / green bell peppers, fresh sweet corn and veggie shred (vegan mozz).

The roof top of my apartment complex where I camp out to do BodyRock works outs. Which I am doing awesome right now with this 30 day challenge! I go to the roof because the timer is obnoxious and I feel bad making people in the actual gym listen to it beeping. Why not do it in my apartment you ask? Because I need weights from the gym and its fun working out on a rooftop. Boom.

Sick new track shorts. I went years with out buying myself actual gym clothes. I survived off of my brothers old soccer shorts and t-shirts I accumulated over the years. I finally caved and went out and bought FIVE pairs of the shorts that you see in this above picture. 2 of this AMAZING green, 2 that are grey / purple / orange and one that is grey / black and white. As you can also see my sports bra is purple and awesome. I bought 4 new sports bras too! It makes me happy because when its really nice out I don’t want to wear a shirt and now that I have fancy sports bras I feel completely legit yogging around with just that.

Well this is the end of week 2 of the BodyRock.tv May 30 day challenge! I have been doing great! Today is the only day that I skipped the work out but it was because I didn’t want my muscles to be achey for tomorrow because it is the TOUGH MUDDER!!! Holy crap I can’t believe its tomorrow!!! I did go for a really good 5 mile run today just as an excuse to get outside and show off my new shorts. Okay so for the Tough Mudder, it is north of Philadelphia so I am going to Philly tonight with my teammates. We are having a big dinner tonight and then heading out in the morning. We are planning on starting at 10:20AM. The TM authorities switched us to the 9:20AM start time but we will not have any of that : ) The idea is to let everything warm up a little before we start jumping into ice baths. I’ve made the executive decision to wear shorts instead of spandex pants so let’s hope I’m not cursing my way through the event!! I need every one to do a little hoorah for me tomorrow morning so that team McGibblet’s gets a little extra boost and demolishes this Tough Mudder.

Every one else – have a wonderful weekend and do something nice for your mom’s on Sunday!!! Mine is about to kill me for doing the TM on Mother’s day, wooops.

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3 replies

  1. Rooftop workouts sound amazing! So fun.

  2. Good luck and stay away from the fire!
    Can’t wait to hear about it!

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