Asparagus and more asparagus

I’m pretty sure that the last two days cooking wise the chicken I used may have been a day or two too old. I ended up with a slight belly ache last night and when I went grocery shopping today just decided not to bother getting any meat. I got quite the haul for pretty cheap too! First order of business was asparagus, it was on sale this week so I loaded up on that. I used it as the base of my first veggie dinner. This meal is close to being vegan but a really awesome sauce I made has yogurt in it. Close but not quite.

Asparagus Yogurt Sauce

8ish stalks of aspagaus
1 8oz fat free yogurt – to make this vegan just sub out for a non dairy!
Lemon Juice

Okay for some preportions… 6-10 shakes of your salt shaker, 3 full circles on your pepper grinder, half a scoop of a spoon ful of garlic and a teaspoonish or two of lemon juice : ) Put every one in the mixer and let er rip.

If you want this to be thicker I would go with half of a yogurt container. I was actually pretty surprised how thin this came out. I got the recipe idea from Everyday with Rachel Ray but she used walnuts (which I forgot to buy) and oil which I general stay away from. The flavor on this is absolutely awesome though. Great for fresh vegetables or maybe crackers or something.

Now for another way to use the asparagus I sautéed a few spears with spinach, mushrooms, garlic and a roma tomato.

I served this with the rice I made earlier this week and put the cold asparagus yogurt mix on top. It was great! I definitely dunked some of the veggies in their as well. All in all a very successful meal, finished it off with one of the FIVE mangos I got this week (yummm) and I am stuffed!

Not a bad view for eating dinner…

Do you have a favorite asparagus recipe? I have about two dozen more asparagus stalks and would love to here some creative ideas! 

P.S. I want to also say congratulations to any one who ran in the Boston Marathon today! The heat was brutal and I followed on of my good friends running and couldn’t help but feel for him as the temperatures kept going up! So if you are going outside today / tonight stay hydrated!! I know for soccer we are all bringing as much water as we can carry!!

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5 replies

  1. I love steamed asparagus dipped into soft boiled eggs (take the top off the egg, add a very small amount of butter and a drop ir two of cider vinegar, finished with some salt & pepper!

    Lipsmackingly great! (also great without the vinegar & butter!)

  2. Ohhh love that asparagus sauce idea!! That looks amazing over rice!! I just saute my asparagus with olive oil, garlic powder, garlic, onion powder, lemon pepper and voila! It works every time for me.


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