This cold that I have been battling since LAST TUESDAY is literally just wiping me out. I managed a 8.2 mile run & lift Monday, 3 mile run & body work Tuesday, rest Wednesday, soccer Thursday (no subs so 90 minutes playing time), rest Friday and now I am battling the couch to go work out. In my defense I am on a bright and early status call meeting for work so that is actually holding me to the couch for a little longer. My energy is sapped though! I normally look forward to my work outs every single day!!

But right now the biggest struggle I have is actually getting out of the house. My body isn’t as strong as I would like it to be and I think that’s due to a week+ of crappy sleep. I have plans today for a night girls brunch and finally venturing out of the house since when my brother was in town visiting! I have literally been cooped up in my house afraid to be around booze because I fear the mear whiff of it will throw me back into a downward tail spin of poor health. Sigh. I will get out of the house and lift and run before brunch. I will get out of the house and lift and run before brunch. I will get out of the house and lift and run before brunch. Also, if you are ever looking for inspiration to get out of your house and be awesome check out Jenny and her bog Running Thriver. This girl is bad ass and part of the reason why I am working out today. So thanks Jenny.

What do you do when you know you need to do something but it would be so much easier to just sit?

PS – my mom never let me have a dog growing up so I like big dogs. I will end up with a German Shepard and a Siberian Husky, hence my puppy choice. Unfortunately my Arlington apt with 2 cats can’t handle a dog right now, neither can my bank account.

Okay I’m really going running now. HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Hope you make is awesome!

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  1. Girrrlll take a break!!! You had an awesome week of workouts! If you don’t take a break your cold will never go away! You are the bad ass here for sure, running 8.2 miles and playing 90min of soccer! Have fun with your girls!

  2. Being ill sucks hard. I took a rest day today, but racing tomorrow with a fantastic cold as well. Ugh.

  3. sometimes the kindest thing you can do is listen to your body. advice I live by: when it comes to sleep, diet and exercise, the order of importance is sleep first, diet second, exercise third. They are all important, but hammering out the reps when you have been undersleeping all week is like building your house on a foundation of loose sand.

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