I’m a barista!

Yes, it’s true, I am. I am also cheap, which is why I don’t go out for coffee. I also don’t like coffee very much, I’ve been super tired lately though thanks to this cold that has been haunting me since last Tuesday. My apartment building is kind enough to offer free coffee, tea and hot chocolate until about 10am in the lobby. Granted it tastes like poo it works as a solid base. Now when I do splurge and go to Starbucks I get a Skinny Vanilla latte. I have no idea what a latte is but it tastes good and uses fat free milk and sugar free syrup so whatever, I pray to the health gods the calories are just from the milk, but who knows what those tricksters are slipping in there. So here is my poor girl vanilla coffee beverage of the day. I feel awake and it was fudging delicious, I hope you enjoy my choice of container too, because I do. I always feel like a baller drinking out of my blender ball.


Now for this little concoction I did the following:

In a clean blender bottle add: the blender ball (that lil metal babe), half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a dash of milk and a handful of ice cubes. Next quickly pour your coffee (hopefully better quality than what I started with) into the blender bottle, screw the top on and start shaking! The ice should could down your beverage if you shake it fast enough with out totally melting and watering it down. Do you see the foam in that picture? I think I found my true calling.

Also quick update on the topic of breakfast, I am now on week 3 or 4 of eating my breakfast of champions… ITS JUST SO GOOD. I am unfortunately out of fruit though : (

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  1. i’m a big fan of iced coffee so i like to have an ice cube tray of frozen coffee cubes. that way there is no watering it down but it still makes it cold!

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