They like me! They really like me!

 While reading a fabulous blog that I follow I was shocked to see my name listed as a nominee for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you Emily! I’m not going to lie but a lot of my favorite bloggers have been getting all these awards and I’ve had quite the case of blog award envy, lame I know but at least I’m admitting it : ) So I am a very happy camper that Emily thought I deserved this, so again thank you!!

Emily’s blog (TheWeightRunDown) chronicles her journey of weight loss and all the bumps, blunders and great successes every weight loss journey has. She is truly inspirational and I couldn’t be happier for all the success she has had so far! She has gone from camera shy to posting up pictures of her being a hot sweaty mess post work outs, which I fricken love. Besides as awesome women, we don’t sweat, we glisten. So again thanks!!

How this game works is that I need to share 7 fun facts about myself, here goes nothing:

1) I was a vegetarian through out college, all 4 years, and thanks to my avoidance of meat I got pleasantly plump a few times thanks to eating carb heavy and nutrient low, good stuff.
2) My second meat meal post vegetarianism was an accidental beef order from Taco Bell (I still to this day, if I go, sub out meat for beans), I ended up sick until noon the next day and about 5 lbs lighter, thanks TB.
3) Post drinking I think I am the hulk, I have been known to squat the largest man in the room to prove such strength. When I say squat I mean I will get them on my back, piggie back style, and start squatting. I think my record at this point is around 250-300 lbs, I’ve never asked my subjects to weight themselves in front of me though. This recently escalated to me squatting a stranger on the DC metro – did I mention I am the definition of class?
4) I run to eat.
5) I don’t like shopping, like at all.
6) I think high heels were invented to torture women.
7) In an ideal world I would want to own my own restaurant and fitness center.

Now I get to pass this along to seven blogs that I find inspiring!

1) Medal Slut  – Rachel is awesome, she runs to gather the gold, a running leprechaun if you will. She is neither shy nor bashful and I always look forward to new posts from her. Full of witty remarks this lady is a must read

2) BlissfulBritt – Brittany’s blog is about living life and just loving it every step of the way. She has a great out look on life and always has great brand recommendations for food / snacks. I think her spirit is something any one could get inspired by.

3) Pearls on a String – Lesleigh’s blog is about baking and fashion. While I admitted earlier I am not one for shopping or heels I can still appreciate the “pretty” in life. Lesleigh always looks fabulous in all of her pictures and has a knack for making things look beautiful. She also is quite the baker so it’s always fun to pull inspiration from her to make something sweet or something simple that much “prettier”.

4) Like A Fat Kid – Raychel is another food lover like myself. She is a foodie and a fitness blogger. I enjoy that most of her posts are food related because they are typically fabulous and I’ve been known to drool. It is a great motivator to get out of the house, get my fitness on, come home and recreate whatever recent picture I’ve seen.

5) My Thin Eats – Cristina is a great example of leading a balanced healthy life. She posts amazing and healthy recipes and is a huge advocate of moderation. It’s something I think a lot of people, myself included, would be better off it we hit the balance she has. She is incredibly positive and her blog is a great read.

6) Hungry Irish Man – Brandon is a chef and graphic designer who I could not be more jealous of. He had turned into (from what I can see) an awesome cook. Plus he gets to be around food all day and make it beautiful and delicious. I don’t have the skills to recreate much that he makes but I can surely try and try I will.

7) She Shreds – Lauren’s blog is about her path to bettering herself though good eats, good times and fitness. She lives a paleo lifestyle and puts out some great recipes and motivating words. I think she seems like a super ballsy chick and I really enjoy the motivation she portrays and the yummy food she creates!

And finally I need to let these lovely ladies, and one guy!, know that I have nominated them. I will do so shortly! So to all of the above you guys rock and thanks for making my transition into the blogging world awesome. There are many more that I follow as well and apologies for not being able to nominate every single one of you!

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11 replies

  1. Oh my word, bless your heart! This is just the nicest thing ever! Thank you so much for including me, you completely made my week.

  2. You are awesome! Thank you so much!! Your blog makes my day.

  3. …and I thought I was the only woman who didn’t like shopping!!! Thanks so much for the nomination, you made me blush 😉

  4. Awesome post- hahah! You deserve it!

  5. Aw, thanks! I would like it more if it earned you a medal though, obviously. 😉


  1. Oh hey girl, I’m certified versatile | Food & Fitness

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