Goal: Accomplished – Body:Wrecked

My Tough Mudder companion and I have started having night mares about our upcoming event. Our Tough Mudder is 34 days away, wahhhh. I haven’t been weight lifting enough lately. In my defense it’s because the weather has been really nice and I get giddy and just need to run around. So the idea of hopping in my car, battling with Arlington traffic and then going inside of a sweaty gym when the sun is shining out makes me slightly glum, so I just don’t do it : ) Well thanks to some recent dreams I decided I should hit the weights today. I’ve been on a work out hiatus since last Thursday due to a wicked head cold so today was a pretty bold move. I ended up doing 8 minute abs, push ups, curls, dips and shoulder raises. I managed to do 3 FULL man sets of 10 push ups. So I did 30 push ups today guys! The gym was also pretty busy so I ended upping the weights I used for everything else because they were the only weights available.

{do you have any idea how hard it was to find some one not smiling, who smiles doing push ups??}

Needless to say coming home post gym today I felt pretty wiggly wabbly and not super tough. BUT I was pretty annoyed with myself for only running 16 miles last week so I set out on a run that should have been about 7.5 miles. I did this whole map a route on the Garmin site and upload it to my watch and then run it but the watch wouldn’t pause when I pressed pause (getting stuck at lights / weighting for cars to move) so I was annoyed from the start. Garmin was just being naughty today, she kept lying and saying I was pacing at 13 min miles when I knew I wasn’t so I was frustrated by mile 1.5. Around mile 3ish I tripped on some crappy side walk stretch and almost ate the pavement. I did NOT due to my cat like reflexes, go me. Then at mile 3.8 I took a wrong turn, had to stop, google map myself, figure out how to get back where I was going with out back tracking (I HATE back tracking) and then continue (all while Garmin would not pause the clock). At mile 5.45 I rolled my ankle because some people wouldn’t move out of my way so I tried going around them and hit the side of the grass / side walk and rolled it. I started limping and had to walk for a few minutes but then resumed running, all the while Garmin was lying to me about my pace. So when I finally made it home the run ended up being 8.2 miles. The clock showed 7:30PM at that point which meant about 6 hours since I’d last eaten. I’m sick remember, so my taste buds are wildly lame so food is pretty blah. AKABody = Wrecked, I felt like a strong wind could knock me over at this point.

Now to Goal = Accomplished. I said in a post on the 5th I wanted to lose 3.5 lbs by vacation time. Whelp even with my 3 days of no working out (I did play tennis Saturday morning for almost an hour) I have some how managed to drop the 3.5 lbs! So clearly I’ll still shoot to drop a little more if I can before vacation. I don’t see why I can’t. I haven’t really done anything to accelerate the loss, I think it’s just my body being kind to me finally after all the hard work. So kudos bod, a little scale love is always appreciated.

Stay tuned for a fantastic post on a pretty simple salmon dinner I made tonight. I’m sleepy though and need to save something to write about tomorrow : )

Hope every one else had a healthier weekend than I did!

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  1. 34 days!? I’m glad mine’s not until July! 😉

    • Wait until the dreams come. Last night I was attempting to properly dress myself (neon yellow and black???) but had my iPhone on me and you clearly can’t carry an iPhone and do a Tough Mudder. Shear panic of being unprepared.


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