Runner’s are just nicer

How often do you find that people on the street, walking, smile at you or give you a head nod or wave. Um never. I did a nice out and back route today over lunch so I passed the same people twice and both times we all smiled and nodded. Why you may ask? Why the heck not! When you are running on this:

and looking at this from time to time:

and a little closer:

What reason do you have to not smile? And also walkers, rarely walk on the right side of the side walk. I will never understand this. I never have a close head on collision with runners when I am out. Why? Because we know that if we run on the left side of the path it will screw up the happy harmonious balance that we have going. So yes, runners are happier people and I adore you all. Especially the super old runners who almost look like they are in pain running but you know in a head to head they will smoke you on miles, yes really, you are all amazing.

Now for a little catch up on the last week. A bunch of people were in town this week for work so I got to go to some AMAZING dinners. Tuesday night was Farmer’s Cabinet, I had a nice cheese sampler to share to start:

Then some tuna tartare:

And a fabulous lamb entree. No picture I apologize. Also this is not my exact tuna tartare but it’s darn close. I didn’t want my co-worked questioning why I felt compelled to take pictures of my food. But you’re welcome for the eye candy above.

Wednesday was Chima! Chima is a brazilian steakhouse, one of those places where people walk around with meat on skewers and feed you until you can no longer eat any more. My personal favorite is the filet wrapped in bacon, how can you go wrong with that?!? Drool:

Chima also has a fantastic salad bar so I got to chow down on more delectable cheeses, some fabulous prosciutto and smoked salmon.

Work out wise this week its been pretty good, not great though.

Monday I did a 40 minute cross training work out that was a pyramid style work out of jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. You can see it here, we did this with out the running though. My training buddy and I had both done long runs on Sunday and were feeling a wee bit sore so we tried to take it a little easy. We did this 2x and the second time we switched out the exercises for v up sit ups, over head shoulder press with dumbbells and bridges.

Tuesday I did a 3 mile run post work / pre dinner in 25 minutes. 8:33 pace so I was pretty happy with that.

Wednesday I napped instead of running between work and dinner : )

Thursday was soccer! I am not a soccer player. I have played 2 indoor seasons with girls and this was my first out door co-ed game. In the full out sprints for the ball I was always able to beat my mark which was a big confidence booster. Figuring out what to do with the ball when I got there.. now thats another story. The team claims that if I hadn’t announced that I wasn’t a soccer player no one would have known so that’s exciting.

Friday I took out my Garmin 405 for it’s first run! Oh I had so much fun, I was actually tempted to name this post “Dear Garmin I Heart You” but I figured since my last post was addressed in the same manner I would switch it up : ) So this is my new Garmin:

Some people claim that this can be worn as a day to day watch but I’m going to assume from here on out that those people are men. Because on my dinky wrists this thing looks like a beast. Pretty comfortable though! I did an awesome 5 mile run along the Potomac River with it.

5.02 miles, 42:48 min and 8:32 pace! I had pretty sweet splits to so allow me to toot my own horn quickly: 8:35, 8:39, 8:25, 8:20, 8:41. OK I’m done! I felt great this week running. That 10 mile run on Sunday left me cranky because I stopped so many times. I really love the freedom that wearing a watch allows me. Today the path I was on split off into two and I got to actually pick which way I wanted to go! It’s fabulous, plus when I am running to said path and get stuck at a light I can easily pause the time so that my data is actually viable and not skewed thanks to traffic. Way cool, two thumbs up Garmin, two thumbs up.

And finally – My brother is coming to visit me today! Well he is driving through with some of his frat brothers and staying the night on his way to NC but all the same I get to see him! So I will be whipping up a massive batch of chicken and pasta to feed them so they don’t get too rowdy tonight when we go out. But that will be another post in its self, I release you.

Have a good weekend!!!

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8 replies

  1. Your running path is AWESOME! So is your watch..when I first got my Garmin I about squealed with excitement. It’s a love affair for sure. Great job on the run.

    • Thank you! And I totally know what you mean, I came home last night and literally had 5 minutes until I need to leave so tore the package open whilst changing so I could at least look at her before going to soccer. I’m def pumped to see how I improve using it!

  2. Haha. When I first started running, I remember thinking it was weird that people would wave as we passed each other. Now, I do it all the time and it feels great :p

  3. Love your blog! In the past 18-months, I’ve lost 70-lbs and started running again this year. Right now, I’m running 1-2 5k’s per month and my fitness goals include a half-marathon within the next year or so. Good luck & happy running!



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