Sore Tootsies

Like I mentioned in my post last evening I did a 6 mile run. Well thanks to one of the meetup groups I joined I went for a 4 mile run at 5:20 this morning. Doesn’t sound too terrible yet right? Wrong. The meeting location for 2 miles from my hotel, so that easy breezy 4 mile run just turned into 8. Which also meant that I started running at 4:55AM. I don’t know if I will ever be hard core enough to enjoy that. I returned at 6:17AM stretched, showered and went back to bed until 8:15. I feel wiped out though. My feet, knees and every muscle in my lower body is basically screaming at me. I’d say I’m officially a runner though! I don’t think casual runners run when everything hurts.

  Please note the time. GROSS.

So on top of all this I planned a work out for my Tough Mudder companion and I for this evening. Apparently I enjoy torturing myself. I will be swapping my Mizunos out this evening though in favor of my Asics. This is a pretty bold move seeing as they basically ate my feet up last month but I have big hopes that the liquid bandaid I plan on applying and the fact it’s a short work out run wise that everything will go smoothly.

1 lap jog
1 lap run
x 3 (1.5 miles)

lunge walk across the field
10 burpees
lunge walk across the field
10 wide squats
a little grapevine action back and forth the field
10 more burpees

1 lap jog
1 lap run
x 3 (total 3 miles woo)

60 seconds of the push up rotate (in TM circuit)
60 seconds super man plank
60 seconds side plank right
60 seconds side plank left
20 pike push ups

1/2 mile cool down run

Then we are off to the playground to practice the monkey bars and trying to do assisted pull ups. Goody goody gum drops. The one great thing about today is that I will sleep like a baby tonight! Plus I’m working from home Friday so the yoga pants and massive t-shirt will be the clothing of the day, perfect!

A wonderful foodie post and custom jewelry post will be crafted this evening on the train so get excited. I have some awesome pictures : )



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