Pretty On The Road Noms

Yesterday was a great day for on the road eats! I started off my morning with steel cut oats & craisons with a side of mixed fruit from Corner Bakery. Corner Bakery is one of my favorite go to’s on the road for breakfast. Until recently it was the only place I would do breakfast in Philly. I discovered a new restaurant called Freshii this week while in town and had it for breakfast this morning. It is delicious (I also went for dinner on Tuesday, definitely check out their menu and see if there is one near you!!) and I doubt CB minded that I cheated on her.

I didn’t bother with lunch pictures but dinner on the other hand you get two! I want to my favorite vegan / vegetarian restaurant called Mi Lah Vegetarian. The majority of the menu is vegan and if it’s not it notes it and why. Well I ended up getting Grilled Oyster Mushrooms on Brandy-Tequila Tomato Sauce with vegan chorizo, corn masa cake, and shaved apple salad. This thing was to die for!!! Feast your eyes on this baby:

now for a peak on the inside…

Do you see the size of those mushrooms!! When I got my meal and started eating I was slightly confused and forgot what I had ordered because I couldn’t figure out what the mushrooms were. Silly I know. But this thing was AMAZINGGGGG. Oh it was so good. The combo of the apples, chorizo, mushroom and masa cake was out of this world. I was in heaven for the duration of this meal. The one really nice thing about it though was that nothing on the plate was heavy so after wards I decided it was dessert time. The weather was great so I headed over to Capogiro Gelato for their famous gelato! Apparently Nation Geographic named this place as the number one place in the world to get ice cream. Way cool, go Capogiro! I got a combo of their dairy free chocolate and pecan!

All in all yesterday was a great day! I went back to my hotel with a happy belly, watched a little Restaurant Impossible and slept like a baby. The only problem with the evening was the fact I was forcing myself to get up and go running at the crack of dawn. But I already did enough whining about that in my last post so I’ll forgo the rant again.

Now, as promised earlier… jewelry!! One of my girlfriends started doing wire wrapping a few years ago and has gotten beyond talented. I asked her to make me a pendant for a chain I had and she sent me some pictures of stones I told her my preferences and then out of thin air she managed to create one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. I know she will take orders so if you are as in love with this as I am you can find her on Facebook under the user Laura Margarita. She also has an Etsy site that she will sell things on. Its normally not super full which is why if you do fall in love and realize you can’t live with out one of your own Facebook is the best way to get ahold of her. She has a few albums so you can see passed work and new things she is working on doing (metal work, feather stuff ect.). She is unaware that I am doing this little tell all so don’t think she put me up to this : ) She is good at what she does and deserves the credit!

It’s okay to be jealous, I would be too : )

Until next time,

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  1. Great post! Just came home from a vacay; this makes me want to write about my “on the road noms” too haha

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