Love people watching

I went for an easy 6 mile run today and need to say thank you to a few people I saw that made this leisurely jog so enjoyable.

1) Young, teen something, couple that was publicly arguing / breaking up on a park bench. All I know is the boy looked close to weeping. Good start.

2) Slightly pregnant roller bladder who was wearing a bright sports bra and bike shorts, you are awesome!

3) 80 something year old couple on the park benches taking adorable pictures of one another!

4) The two little babes (2 years old or younger) waddling around. Your parents all seemed nervous I would run you over but I clearly took to the grass. Your happy smiles due to sunshine and waddling were amazing though!

5) The few busty women I saw running. I’ve never been so thankful for my “compact” chest, and for that I thank you.

6) The GORGEOUS black and tan collie looking dog I saw running. I’m quite sad we were running opposite directions. You were the cutest thing I saw on that path today.

7) The shirtless, shaved and fake and baked runner I passed. My boyfriend rocks.

8) All of the pregnant women I saw walking, biking or running. I think you are awesome. Almost as cool as the roller bladder, but she rocked out with a shirt so she still wins : )

9) Small boy climbing up a dirt pile and jumping on his bum and sliding down. Yours jeans were a mess and your mother was smiling. I’m not sure who made me happier, you or your mother.

10) Finally I would like to say a million NO THANK YOU’S to all of the smokers on the running / walking path. Really who does that!! I get it you want to smoke, fine, I still think you should quit, but please please get off the fricken running path. I don’t care if I’m on mile one or six I don’t want to inhale it!!

What are some of the best people watching places you have found? I’m hoping for answers besides Walmart because that’s just a given : )

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  1. I love watching couples argue in public! It always makes you feel better about yourself. I live in a city centre, so going for a run anytime after 6pm on a Friday night means much hilarity ensues when I leave my flat. You can spot a drunk guy trying to stand upright and convince passers-by that he’s totally sober, or witness women in too-high heels and too-short skirts with too-chubby legs! Amazing!

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