Reston 10 Miler 3.4.12

First race done!

Time: 1:32:57 

Finished 162 (of 399) 

Splits: 9:22, 8:55, 9:16, 9:22, 8:45, 8:55, 9:41, 9:38, 9:14, 8:07

This hilly monster is done! I’m so very excited. Miles 1-6 were good, took a bit for the pack to thin out though. Miles 6-8 were a bit rough, they did not show the 7 mile marker! Total mind fu**. We did not appreciate that at all… By mile 8 things were feeling good and I pulled away from my running partner to finish out the last 2 miles. I was THRILLED to have some one to run with for the first 8, I think I would have been bored silly other wise. As soon as I they post up my picture crossing the finish line I will put that bad boy up! I’m pretty excited to see myself in a running bib. I’ve always thought they looked so bad ass and never thought in my wildest dreams I’d end up running in a race. (High school track asking me to do a half mile for a warm up was too much in my opinion back then).

I’m actually planning on running 10 miles on Tuesday with a friend who is a crazy fast runner and does ultra marathons and yada yada. So let’s pray that my knees and legs are up for it. This past week has been great for work outs / running.

24 miles! Woo! Pretty proud / excited about that. That is 100% a personal record of mine.

In other news.. I drove 330 miles north today shortly after the race. Along with my heart breaking as a I saw the temp reading drop 20 degrees (F) my legs were screaming at me. I did stretch prior to driving but my knee has been a hot mess since a feisty soccer player demolished it last winter season. I’m not looking forward to running here for the week because its so very cold but I am going shopping tomorrow for some new gear and I’m psyched! I have no gym this week to use so the game plan is to come up with some great body weight circuits to share. Hope every one else had a great Sunday! Stay tuned to see the AWESOME picture of myself hauling ass at the finish line – I am a sprinter at heart, this distance thing has just become an acquired taste : )


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  1. Awesome job. Congrats on your first race!


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