iMapMyRun Review

I took iMapMyRun for its first run today. Not too bad. Although if you check out this picture it looks like I was running slightly erratically…

But any ways it was a good run, 4.85 miles 39 min! 20 minutes post run my knees started seizing up though which was a real treat : ) This was also my first time running in glasses, wasn’t too bad really. When I got back inside though I had to take them off because they fogged up like woah!

I’m getting really excited for the race on Sunday! I have been hesitant to set a time goal for myself because if I don’t reach it I will be upset but I feel like I need something to aim for! Honestly just running 10 miles with out stopping is going to be a new PR for me. I am going to publicly announce I want to do the 10 miler in under 90 minutes. I don’t know the proper way to state these things, either way 90 minutes or 1:30 whatever, you say tomato and I mess up and spell it tomatoe but who cares right, we all know what I’m talking about : )

So to any one who stumbles across this blog who has participated in any running events: Any pre race day /race day food suggestions / things to make sure to steer clear of? Or anything in general that you think will help me get through this race in one piece as as happy a camper as possible!

I’m going to say thank you in advance in hopes that it helps people decide to give me their secrets!! So THANK YOU!!!

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