So. Incredibly. Sore.

Race day is in 5 days (Sunday) and I’m prayinggg to the lactic acid gods that my body will return to normal functionality by then : )

Yesterday was a A++ on an activity scale. I went to the gym and lifted for about 40 minutes. Focusing in on core and chest. That work out will be farther down – its a great one! Then I ran a little over 3 miles and played soccer for 40 minutes. We only had one sub so I ended up playing the full 40 minutes. There were a couple super aggressive girls on the opposing team so my knees are bruised to all hell and I took a few elbow to the ribs / gut. I also found myself cursing one of the teams key bull dozers because as luck would have it she was my mark. Super. On a good running note though I just downloaded iMapMyRun+ for my iPhone. Currently I map out routes before heading out then time then, this will be nice because it will take the planning out of it and I won’t need to think about where I am going because my trusty app will stalk me the whole way there! I eventually want to get a nice watch but for now this should would just fine!

**Is any one currently using this app? Any tips, kudos or gripes?

Let’s call this

Slow and Steady Wins The Race – core & chest

For this you will need a a set of dumbbells, exercise ball and a smith machine. If you dont have a smith machine get creative. A bench or a railing or a ledge will work just dandy!

Circuit 1:
20 Sit Ups on ball – do these slow, 2 count up and 2 count down, not a speed test
20 Right cross sit ups on ball – do these the same as the regular sit ups
20 Left Cross sit ups on the ball – ^
15 Chest Press on ball – lay so the ball is in the arch of your back, using your core muscles keep your body balanced. the motion of the chest press will force your abs to be engaged the entire time
10-15 Diamond Push ups

Rinse and repeat x 3

Circuit 2:
On a smith machine lower the bar to the 2nd or third rung
15 dips – <– like that but on the bar
15 inclined pushups- <–like that
20 Regular heel raises – using the frame of the smith machine stand on both feet
20 Duck heel raises – spread feet out slightly and turn heels so feet make a V
20 Pigeon toe heel raise – spread feet out slightly and turn toes in to make a V – (opposite of previous one)
20 Right foot heel raises – raise your left foot off the frame and do with just right
20 Left foot heel raises – opposite previous

Rinse and repeat x 3

And finally, I ran into a new blog yesterday that I really liked and found this “Assignment” that I am in love with. Hopefully reading this will inspire you to have an amazing day.


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4 replies

  1. Good luck on your race — you’ll do great!

  2. I love iMapmyRun. Only hassle is if you use an armband or something, it can be awkward to check your progress as you’re running. I don’t really mind holding it in my hand though.

    • I totally agree! I figured I’d check out an app before taking the plunge and getting a nice watch! I took it for a test drive yesterday on a walk through center Philly and it was a mess! No tall buildings for iMap apparently!

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