While some people hoard things and land on the show buried alive I prefer weights and running shoes. Today was a Tough Mudder Circuit Day so my gf and I hit the weight room. We upped our time to 45 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Originally we had been doing it based on reps just to get comfortable with the exercises. I found a great app called Race Workout that is made specifically for Tough Mudder! All you do is put in your work time and your rest time and the app will sound a buzzer to start and finish and tells you what the next exercise is. Although I’m sure my fellow gym goers didn’t love the obnoxious buzzer sound we had a great work out : )

As you can see we were not shy about keeping the weights in a corner for ourselves. Bad I know BUT in my defense we had to use my crappy apartment gym and were 2 of about 5 people there and they didn’t seem to mind much. Plus they all had headphones on and were on the elliptical. We would have shared had some one asked. Probably.

In addition to the Tough Mudder Workout we did 2 rounds of

Dead lift / bent over row – 12
Burpee – 10
Plank Jacks – 15
(a plank jack is while in a straight arm plank position do jumping jacks with your legs, so jump in and out)

Then sprinkled in a little 8 Minute Ab action.

My next case of hoarding involves running shoes : ) Some girls collect heals. I collect running shoes to ensure that whatever blister comes my way I have a pretty pair of shoes to counter it : )

Currently the collection consists of : Asics, Reebok, Mizuno, Puma and Adidas. I clearly do not discriminate. All great shoes!

Tomorrow is the first attempt at an 8 mile run! Then my very FIRST RACE is next Sunday!! So excited!! Reston 10 miler here I come : )

Grocery shopping today I bought a spaghetti squash and some sweet potatoes. Any one have any must try recipes for either of these wonderful ingredients? Looking forward to some ideas for dinner!

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