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I was able to slip out of work at 5 today and get outside before it got dark. This is the first time I have ran outside in 2 weeks I think? Well let me tell you it felt AMAZING.

I felt like this guy, as I ran by him, twice. I busted out 5.2 miles in… dun dun dunnn 46:39!! That’s 8:58 min/miles!!! I’m blown away. A treadmill is boring and mundane.

But this is beautiful!! Granted things aren’t pink and purple like this right now, but you get the drift. I was in heaven. Plus every time some one blew by me wearing their various 2011 marathon t-shirts it was like a fire was lit under my ass and I just kept trucking. The path was so alive with runners and bikers, I was in heaven. My Pandora Pop and Hip Hop Fitness station also had me all jazzed up while I was cruising along.

So when I got back I was feeling pretty awesome so I hit the weight room for a quick circuit that went as follows:

Core Combo
10-12 Rotating Push Ups
20-30 Kettle Bell Squat & Swing
20-30 Oblique Side Bends (10-15 each side)
10-12 Over Head Drop Downs

Repeat 3x

Rotating Push Ups: Get in push up position, do a push up and rotate to a side, use a 5-10 lb weight it extended arm.

Kettle Bell Squat & Swing: Grab a dumbbell or kettle ball in one hand, drop into a squat letting the weight drop and explode up. Only use one hand, picture shows using 2. This way you double the number of squats!

Oblique Side Bends:

Over Head Drop Downs: Grab a 5-10lb dumbbell in each hand, lay on a bend and hold arms straight up, keeping arms straight (pictures are bent, I couldn’t find a matching one!) slowly drop arms above your head, hold for 5 seconds and slowly return to start

What motivates you when you are running? Music? People? Scenery? The clock? Let me know!

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  1. Definitely music… I don’t know if I could even run at this point without it in my ear. I had a really hard time running outside at first but have gotten the hang of letting the scenery distract me 🙂

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