Weekend Round Up

It’s been forever since I have posted! I apologize! But this will be a nice well rounded post of shopping, spices and some little recipes!

I haven’t drank / gone out in 2 weeks and did this weekend and I am wiped! I do want to share my favorite picture from my night out because I die laughing every single time I see it, and yes this is my boyfriend not a random stranger : )

My gym session yesterday was still good but I got a bit nauseous towards the end of the work out. FAIL. I ran a 8 minutes mile and then did the Lower Body Speed Circuit. Instead of resting in between the sets we did 50 sit ups. Also after the circuit was done we did a few sets on the roman chair. So fun.. Still working on getting to the gym today though. I will eventually… I did go on some awesome errands and made a few yummy things though yesterday that I want to share!

For starters I went to a running store and hopped on a treadmill and had my stride analyzed. I’ve been having shoe issues so I wanted to get a pair that won’t continue causing blisters and putting me behind in my training. I landed on a pair of Mizuno’s! I’ve never heard of them before but I think they are beautiful and I tested them out and they were great.

 Wave Rider 15

Then next errand I went on was to a Spice and Tea shop in Georgetown. This place was amazing!! If you live in the area its a must visit! They also ship all their products so I would really recommend trying out some of the custom blends! And it’s fairly priced also! I bought a few spice blends but my favorites new snack if you will is their Sweet Heat mixed with Fat Free Sour Cream.

This makes a beautiful red / orange colored dip and you can use veggies or tortilla chips to dip in it. Its flipping amazing. I also bought a Tuscany Blend and  Backwoods Hickory Blend. I used the Tuscany Blend on simple pan seared shrimp last night for dinner and the flavor was just spectacular.

And finally this is for all those fruit addicts out there. I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach after the gym yesterday and went a little nuts in the fruit sections : ) I am only home until Monday night and then I’m in Philly for the week so I really did not need too many groceries. BUT I ended up with a bag of grapes, TWO melons  and some apples : ) So I have been forced to find a way to eat all this because it won;t be good by the time I get back! So I did a fruit / spinach salad! I sliced up the grapes and some melon and tossed them with spinach, chia seeds and Wishbone Berry Super Fruit Vinaigrette. It was so perfect and refreshing and I didn’t feel bad about the size of the salad either.

My foot is almost healed so I am hoping to up the milage this week and dream up a new circuit / interval work out for the week. Stay tuned!

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