Bruises Galore

I play soccer on Tuesdays, I never grew up playing soccer, just have always been the athletic type so now that I am in my second season of playing I like to think I’ve become more than just a body on the field. Well we won last night! I realized afterwards that the reason I find mysterious bruises all over me through out the week is a direct correlation to how much action I had in the soccer game. Last night was a blast : )

We were short players so there were no subs so we were running our asses off. It makes me happy I can play a 50 minute game with a 3 minute half with no breaks and not feel like I’m about to die. Sure there are moments but come morning I am not sore (minus my knees and other joints…oh the joys of getting older).

On another note I had a friend in town this past weekend and I felt like I was college again with the shear amount of booze that was consumed and the garbage (Super bowl didn’t help) that I ingested. I only skipped my Saturday work out and did the tough mudder circuit and a quick paced short run on Monday so that was good. But I still decided a short 7 day cleanse would hopefully shock my body a bit and get a small jump start on being back on track : ) I’m also hoping to take a hiatus from drinking because I am just so tired!

I got this from a friend whose nutritionist recommended it, its sort of like a more simple version of the GM Diet. I only know what that is because I did some googling but I wouldn’t recommend following the GM diet. It looks silly and like more of an effort I would ever care to make. So the cleanse is as follows:

Only drink water or plain tea (no booze)
Day 1 (Tuesday) – All veggies
Day 2 (Wednesday) – All fruit, no bananas
Day 3 (Thursday) – Fruit & Veggies, no bananas
Day 4 (Friday) – 4 medium bananas and 3 cups of skim milk
Day 5/6 (Saturday) – Lean protein (chicken, turkey, egg whites ect..)
Day 7 (Sunday) – Whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice ect..)

I did veggies yesterday and I used SparkPeople to track the food I was eating because I was curious how low it would be. Well my calories came in under 600 (not healthy) but my fiber was over 30! I didn’t skimp on portions either. I had 6 carrots, 5 celery stalks, a bag of sugar snap peas, 4 roma tomatos, 2 cups of peas, 2 cups of green beans and half a red onion. Volume wise that is huge! Calories not so much. So it would make sense you can do a quick weight loss with this little cleanse because of how low your intake is. ***I am not recommending that any one try / not try this cleanse, that is your own decision*** If you do decide to give it a whirl make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water!! I will post up my weight on Sunday and see how this baby does.


Let’s move on to the Tough Mudder training! My friend and I started a google calendar where we can track all of our work outs. Since I am out of town every week Wed-Fri its tough for us to get work outs in together frequently so we thought a calendar to brag a bit about what you did and schedule in partner work outs was a great idea. I am finding that the circuit is getting easier! My arms are surprising me with the amount of push ups I can bang out, being able to surprise yourself is an amazing amazing feeling!

I was reading another blog of someone who had trained for a tough mudder and found that he thought his legs were the most useful things to train so I will be adding in some good leg circuits. I’m also going to dig up some of the older BodyRock work outs and start incorporating those into my work out again. For those of you who have no idea what BodyRock is it is a website that gives 15 minute ball busting circuit work outs. Don’t let the physical appearance of the people deter you from this site. The women who started it is an ex porn star and the guys who do the work outs when she isn’t around are a bunch of muscle guys. BUT the work outs are fantastic so if you are looking for a little more spice to your work out you have to try out this site!! Its great for people with out gyms too because you can do just about everything at home! And lets be serious who doesn’t want to look like this!!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic hump day : ) I am off to the land of fruit and work…

(BTW I work in mobile software dev and am working on iPhone stuff today so this picture was just too perfect to pass up)

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  1. I did that diet for a boxing event i participated in…It definitely works.

    • I feel pretty good! The fruit and veggie thing threw my stomach for a loop but I am surprised by the amount of energy I have had in my work outs. I definitely will think about repeating it again. Just need to shift the schedule because of work!


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