So, week one is over…

Well the first week of training is over! I have done the circuit work out 3 times and been running like a mad women. My feet and shins and arms and knees and everything has bruises or is sore to the touch. It feels great.

I’m down half a pound which is good. Like I said I’m not going for any crazy fast track weight loss. The slower the better because then it will stay off! We are starting the “long” runs next week (both of us have visitors / are out of town this weekend). We are going to start with 5 miles, time it then run it again the week after and try to shave some time off. In between aiming to do a couple 3 mile runs just to work on speed. Then every two weeks up the mileage and go from there.

Does any one have any recommendations on running shoes? I’m currently using these: Asic Blur33

But they gave me a pretty good blister the first time I took them on a 5 miler and have ever since been rubbing it. It’s healed but it ends up really sore. And in general they are comfortable but not good for anything over 3 miles. Around 3 miles my shins will start to fire up and pressure points in my feet will act up.

So aside from the fact that while I’m not a girly girl I would kill for a pedicure I think everything is going good. I need need need to work on portion control. I swear to you I just enjoy chewing. I will watch the clock until Noon and eat my lunch even if I’m not hungry. The same thing will happen with dinner also. But then I can some how go from 6pm-11pm with out thinking about food. There has to be something I can do to retrain my brain that food is fuel and that if I’m not hungry I just shouldn’t eat. But baby steps right? One minute at a time. So I guess I’ll focus on not counting down the hours until noon and getting something small if I’m not hungry.

I went to the gym this morning at 6:30am and normally when that happens my eating habits are better because I don’t want my work out to seem useless.

Can’t wait to go home tonight! I have a friend in town and we will be cooking on Saturday! Watch out for a new recipe!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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