500 Calories in 45 Minutes – Treadmill Workout

Good Morning!

Had a great treadmill workout today. I hate treadmills so this was a nice treat. I put my weight into the machine and it spit out 500 calories and about 4 miles for this 45 minute session. Depending on your weight the calorie burn will be different but 500 calories in 45 minutes was just so catchy!

The format is going to be as follows
00:00-00:00, Speed, Incline

Let’s call this the:

“Hill Running Is Going To Suck At Tough Mudder”

00:00-05:00, 6.0, 0 
05:00-06:00, 7.5, 0 
06:00-08:00, 6.0, 0 
08:00-09:00, 8.0, 0 
09:00-11:00, 6.0, 0 
11:00-12:00, 8.0, 0 
12:00-14:00, 6.0, 0 
14:00-15:00, 8.0, 0 
15:00-17:00, 6.0, 0 
17:00-18:00, 8.0, 0 
18:00-20:00, 6.0, 0 
20:00-23:00, 4.0, 15 
23:00-26:00, 6.0, 2 
26:00-29:00, 4.0, 15 
29:00-30:00, 6.0, 2 
30:00-31:00, 6.0, 4 
31:00-32:00, 6.0, 6 
32:00-34:00, 6.0, 10 
34:00-35:00, 4.0, 2 
35:00-36:00, 4.0, 4 
36:00-37:00, 4.0, 6 
37:00-38:00, 4.0, 10 
38:00-40:00, 6.0, 2 
40:00-45:00, 4.0, 0 

Now depending on your running level raise or drop the 6.0 to whatever your cruise speed is. Try to do at least 3.5 for that 4.0 if you need to drop it. It should be a brisk walk.

After this I did a nice long stretching session because my body feels like I ran into a wall since doing the TM circuit on Thursday. I finished it off with a fairly simple ab work out that I will share also. Its a great go to if you don’t feel like being creative at the time!

The ab circuit is made up of 7 moves:
1- Frog sit up, lay on your back with your knees bent, drop your knees out to their respective sides so your feet are together (like you are doing a butterfly stretch)
2- Regular sit up
3- 90 degrees, regular sit up but with legs up and bent 90 degrees
4- Sit up with legs straight up in the air
5- reverse sit up, keep legs straight in the air and lift your bottom up
6- side crunches
7- dumbbell lean

Okay so you do moves 1-5, 15 reps for each move, then go back down 5-1. (so you will do 30 reverse at once).
Next do 30 side crunches on each side.
Grab a dumbbell (I do 25-30lbs) and hold in your right hand. Let your arm hang at your side, slowly bend to the right keeping your abs flexed and let the weight follow down your thigh, straighten up, that’s one rep. Do 20 on each side.

And repeat! I usually do this 2 or 3 times.

Hope you enjoy!

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