Tough Mudder Workout Day 1!

For those of you interested in seeing what it looks like here is the link:

Click to access TrainingPrep.pdf

I did not do the cardio work out today, just the circuit (moves 2-16). I decided to do 20 reps of each exercise so that I could learn the proper form and not be concerned with the timing aspect. I was also in a pretty small hotel gym so I thought it would be annoying if I had my interval timer going off every 60 seconds : )

This work out was intense! I have very strong legs but my arms have always been my down fall. I have something called multi-directional instability of the ligaments, which in a nut shell means all of my ligaments in my joints are like over stretched rubber bands. I can pretty much pop out any joint that I care to at any given time. Fun party trick but a little rough on the joints! So because of this I have always made excuses about my upper body strength. But no more!

A lot of the exercises were variations of push ups which I admittedly cannot do very many of. I started out doing all of them in the regular position and dropped down to modified when my arms were trying to give out on me. I did surprise myself though and was able to do 10 declined push ups!! It’s always amazing when you can surprise yourself!

I can’t wait to get with my friend who I am doing this with on Monday and do this together and really see how far we can push each other.

Now on to the food portion… If any of you find yourself in the Philadelphia area you MUST try Miha Vegetarian:

Click to access Mi%20lah_Dinner_Menu.pdf

it was phenomenal! I am not a vegetarian or vegan but when I travel I tend to pick out vegetarian or vegan restaurants because in general they serve a bit healthier food and I enjoy trying new things when I’m not home! I’m not very familiar with cooking tofu, tempeh or seitan so whenever I find it out its a total treat! But anyways this restaurant is amazing. I had the fennel and beat salad, roasted mushroom and then yellow curry seitan with pineapple. While I was eating (by myself, gotta love business travel!) I did some research on veganism and ran into the turn flexatarian. Basically a vegetarian who eats meat with half or less of their meals. It inspired me to try and branch out learn how to make some of these vegetarian proteins so stay tuned for some fun vegetarian dishes…

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