2012 Goals and Objectives

Well, this is my first time ever on a blog site and my first time every writing a blog but I wanted to do something to keep track of the next 4 months so here goes…

I have signed up for a Tough Mudder and Warrior dash in May and begin training today! I am psyched and can’t wait to get to the gym today to try out the circuit for the first time.

Little background on myself… I have been an athlete my entire life. I swam and did track in HS and was in great shape and then college & post college happened. In March of 2010 I realized I’d gained way too many pounds since high school and I realized I needed to do something about it. So 2010 was a journey of fad “ish” diets and a weight yo yo. I read the Abs Diet and overhauled my diet and dropped down about 10lbs. Good but not great. I then read the Dukan Diet and started to follow that. The discomfort in my stomach from that diet (all protein and fat free dairy) was unreal and I did that for a few months and ended up losing another 10lbs. Switching back to a diet of normal food though I gained a few lbs but am still about 15 less than I started!

I have adopted a regular healthy diet at this point because my goals are for a long term sustainable weight and fitness plans. I love cooking so whenever I can I am preparing my own food. Unfortunately I travel weekly and am forced to eat out so I have learned some good tactics for when I’m out that seem to be working just fine.

Okay so moving on…

So back up to yesterday one of my gf’s asked me if I wanted to do a Tough Mudder in May and I had been looking into them and the Warrior dashes a few months ago but none of the people I asked to do it with me seemed interested so I was psyched when this opportunity fell into my lap.

My game plan is to use this blog to track my progress with the Tough Mudder training and any other races I decide to do in the future. I want to eventually run a marathon too so I will keep track of running too!

In addition to any weight loss goals I have I would really like to just start being more active in general. I am slated to join a soccer team for the spring / summer season, a corn hole team as well! and am looking to start traveling a bit more in my free time for outdoor activities like hiking. I think the best way to describe my goals for 2012 is just to become as well rounded, active, healthy, happy and successful as I can be. I feel like 20 something’s is the prime age to be in and I don’t want to get too caught up in the daily grind and let it effect my mood and activities!

The first Tough Mudder circuit work out is tonight! I will post once I finish and report if there was any blood or tears shed : )

Days until:
PA Tough Mudder: 108
MD Warrior Dash: 114

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